Many would agree, the systems that are being handed down to our generation are not working. It’s hard and unproductive to blame anyone for this. In fact, it is these systems that have brought us so far as human beings. But having said that we need real change to get us to the next step in humanity.

I hold a certain view of the world that has been with me for years now – humanity is a unified organism with certain individuals acting like healers – white blood cells. These people are ambitious and independent-thinking. They are not sheep. They are not afraid to be bold. They are entrepreneurial doers with the right value system, prioritizing humanity over greed. I’ve met others with this same view and we want to work together to shake up the systems of the world in a positive way.

In a human being, the white blood cells heal a body of disease. This same principal must be applied to fix the systems of our world. We realize that we function in a closed system, which we must engage in order to change. Like the white blood cells of a human body, we are a part of this body and our function is to heal the current state.

To be less enigmatic, whether in the realm of non or for-profit, we will do this by leading projects that are humanity, animal, and earth-focused, as opposed to profit-focused.

Click below to learn more about my projects:

  1. From a Different Window
  2. White Blood Cell
  3. Lola & Baxter
  4. A Guide to the Coolest City in Texas

My doors are always open – reach out if you want to connect.



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